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Honey Talk Distillery

Honey Talk Distillery is a conceptual brand for a small batch distillery based out of Memphis Tennessee that specializes in ready-to-drink cocktails. A perfect blend of southern swanky and modern styles to stand out in the ever growing canned cocktail market.

Honey Talk Cans Render-Current View.png


  • Identity System

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Typography & Color

  • Packaging


3D Rendered packaging design using Adobe Dimension.

The logo is inspired by a modern take on a distillery, the product is a canned cocktail so I wanted to steer away from traditional distillery styles. Here is a bold typeface with a bold color but is still smooth, rounded, and fun. Keeping iconography from the packaging there is the sun in the logomark. The secondary logo uses a ticket imagery to harken to the slogan "Ticket To Sweet Talking".

Honey Talk logo3_Artboard 9.png

I created the label design with a saturated color palette to match the style of drink. To keep consistency the layout and iconography remains the same. Within the dual sun/moon symbol are tropical plants with a color overlay to reflect warm southern temperatures and are reminiscent of relaxing cocktail lounges.

Honey Talk MAI TAI label_MAI TAI final.png
Honey Talk COSMO label_PINK COSMO FINAL.png
Subway Ad Mockup.png
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