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High Tide Healing

This is a conceptual project for High Tide Healing Co. whose mission is to create products using CBD for topical use to help nourish and heal people through natural means.

High Tide 3d Mockuppng.png

3D mockup of packaging design created with Adobe Dimension.


  • Branding

  • Label Design

  • Typography & Color

  • Packaging

  • Advertising

HTH POP design-01.png

Banner Advertisement.

HTH ad mtns.jpg
HTH water ad.jpg
High Tide 2oz Label-01.png

The goal of the label design was to be environmentally friendly. Here we have a natural paper with texture and no added dyes. We want you to use the product and feel pain-free, like you are floating in water. The color scheme and wave imagery is used in keeping with the water theme.

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